When you are a mother, you have certain days of the year that are mandatory overtime.  Such as when the children are sick or you have to go to the ER with one of them.  Other mandatory overtime days are holidays and birthdays.  Oh, and anytime your family goes on a vacation, that is overtime too.

We all know that mothers work 24/7, but on these certain days all mothers have to step it up a notch.  We have to accomplish all of our regular things, but also have a whole extra list of things to add on.  These are our overtime days.  And we generally get paid well for our overtime days.  We get to see smiles and joy abound from all of our extra labors.

Now, I think that is well worth falling into bed twice as tired as normal.  My second daughter has a birthday today and I am determined that even without tons of money and a huge fancy party she will have happy memories.  I am going to embrace this overtime day….exhaustion and all….for the joyful memories she can cherish forever.