Today as I was dressing I couldn’t find one scrunchie for my hair.  No headbands.  Nothing.  After a couple hours of pushing my long hair behind my ears I was ready to pull it all out.  So in desperation I looked in my handy crochet/knitting caddy.  Inside it I found some elastic thread that I had bought last year.  So I did a search at crochet pattern central and found lots of cute scrunchie patterns.  I chose to make myself the chain scrunchie in a nice soft pink shade.  I didn’t have any ponytail elastics, so I cut my elastic thread 20", tied the ends together and then looped it until it was three strands thick.  For my daughter I chose to make the spiral scrunchie but I made the spirals shorter.  I made that one out of pink and white, also using the elastic thread.

They stay in the hair much better than the store-bought scrunchies that I have…..somewhere in this house.  This one isn’t slipping out of my fine thinnish hair at all.

Now, if only I could find the title for the van that I’ve been looking for…..