Today I went to get gas in the car for my husband at 4:30 a.m.  I went so early because he leaves for work really early.  Well, today I happen to have a whole lot on my mind.  So, I figure I can put $12 of gas in the car to get my husband through until payday on Friday, then I’ll have to get gas again.  Well, I’m standing there and pumping the gas and my mind wanders.  I awaken out of a daze and discover that I put in almost $26 worth of gas!  Uh-oh.  I come home and because money stuff totally stresses my husband out, I don’t say anything about it.  Then I get on the computer and transfer over the money I have in another account to the one account.  Unfortunately it still isn’t enough, so I will be running over to the bank today and depositing all the collected change from my purse to cover it, lol.

So, my advice to anyone getting up early in the a.m. to pump gas with limited funds?  Don’t take your mind or eye off that pump!  If you do, then you too may get to do some humbling things, like deposit $2 in change to cover the difference.