Shopping at 4 in the morning is lots of fun.  There are no other customers, and the Walmart employees are friendly….that is amazing to me, lol.  Each and every employee I passed greeted me cheerfully, I guess I could have been dressed funny, so I could have put them in good spirits….but I just think they were in general happier.

And what would normally take much longer because of other customer cart dodging, takes only a few minutes.  And it’s soooo quiet you can actually think.  If you haven’t gone shopping in the wee hours of the morning, then I highly reccomend it.

And today I was actually able to buy a printer cartridge…..finally.  So, I don’t have to write out by hand my motivated moms daily planner….that was getting old.  I was writing each days list in a spiral notebook, lol.  I have the full size daily version with Bible readings in case you are wondering.  What a relief to not have to do that anymore.  And being the silly person that I am, I just respect a printed out list better than I do my handwritten lists.  Am I quirky or what???

Well, I had better finish printing out the patterns I am planning on making.  The nursing cover pattern, the lacy shell poncho pattern, and the fleece soaker diaper cover pattern.  I can now get started on these projects.

Yesterday I cut out the fabric pieces for my nursing covers, but somehow my bag of coordinating thread has gone missing.  So that will be on hold until I find my thread, because I’m too cheap to buy more.  I can make the fleece soakers, I have a fleece blanket that I can turn into an extra cover or two.  And I need to get started on the ponchos for Christmas gifts for my girls.

I love to keep my hands busy with creative things.