I get grossed out about used cloth diapers.  There I’ve said it.  It’s out in the open.  I know that there are many who buy used cloth diapers to save money, or to get the fancy diapers for a more affordable price.  And if you are good with that, then great.  But honestly is just grosses me out.  I look at it in this way, I have no intention of buying used underwear at the thrift store for me or my children.  I just find it icky.  So why would I want to put used cloth diapers on my baby?  I mean diapers are lots grosser than underwear when you think about it.  Yes, I know you wash them and bleach them, but I just can’t get past it.

So, there will be no used dipes on my little ones bum.  Not that I’m being a snob at all either.  Because there won’t be any super cute fancy diapers on her either, lol.  Just the basic plain inexpensive cloth diapers.  And when I need to upsize I will be recycling my recieving blankets into the next size up of diapers to use as flats.  So, I’m not totally crazy.  I just can’t get past the ick factor.