This morning I printed off lots of patterns from Crochet Pattern Central.  I printed off play food patterns, to make for the girls kitchen set.  Christmas ornament patterns, and Christmas stocking patterns.  I have some handmade stockings for my children, but I would really like to have them all match so I would like to make them each new ones and one for the new baby.  And a couple other oddball patterns.  Now I will be super busy until baby comes with various crochet projects.  Yippee!

Oh I found a cute pattern for small stockings to hang on the tree.  I thought it would be neat to number them 1-25 and use them for our Christmas countdown.  A tiny treat can go inside each one for each of the children and a rolled up printed bible verse to read each day. 

Now to figure out the yarn colors I will need and squeeze out the money to buy the yarn, lol.  That’s part of the fun, right?