I decided to pull out my sewing machine and get my sewing done before it was too hard because of my belly.

I made 5 nursing covers.  I used two batik prints, one pretty paisley print, a Mary Engelbret print, and an adorable snowman print:

My tips for making these are to make sure you hold the boning flat while you sew it.  That makes it much easier to get the boning in nicely.  They sew up really quickly once they are all cut out.

Next I made 8 Katrina Soakers, 4 newborn and 4 small.  I just used an old fleece blanket that we had.

The newborn only have one layer of fleece and the small each have two layers, both have the extra soaker sewn in.  It is much easier and faster to sew just with the one layer of fleece, it’s much easier to catch all the layers of fleece in the seams.  Tip for sewing the tiny leg cuffs:  follow the instructions for sewing them, but stitch them from the inside, not the outside.  You don’t get nearly as many pin pokes that way, lol.

Then I made two diaper/wipes cases.  These are to carry one or two diapers with you for instance at the grocery store, or into the pediatrician or even at church when baby is older and doesn’t require so many changes.

The first one is made with the dimensions of the pattern as given on the website.  The second one is wider to accomodate cloth diapers.  I had trouble getting the patterns to print true to size, so I used the measurements given and made my own patterns.  I made them 3.75" wide and then cut them on the fold.  The larger one I made the pattern 4.5" wide and cut it on the fold.  I also made a couple changes.  I cut two front pieces out of the outside fabric and hemmed the top edge of one.  Then I sewed it together with the other pieces forming a pocket on the back.  I did this for both of them.  then with the larger one, I created a loop and sewed it into the outer fabric seam so that it could be looped onto a stroller or hooked onto my purse etc.  For both of them I made a pul changing cloth that folds and slides into the back pocket (you can see the light blue one peeking out).  And for the larger one, I made a wet wipes bag out of pul fabric.  It will hold 3-4 cloth wipes that are pre-moistened.  The larger version holds 1 BumGenius OS cloth dipe and the wet wipe bag.  I’m sure I could tuck in a tube of ointment if I wanted to.  Tip for sewing with pul:  use tissue paper over the pul so the fabric will move through and feed, then tear off the tissue paper.

I can include dimensions for the wet wipe bag if anyone is interested in making one.  One of the diaper/wipes cases are a gift, I hope the recipient likes it.