I was made aware of Snugglebottoms diapers and I think I’m going to buy half a dozen for the diaper bag.  They are super reasonably priced and have good reviews.  I prefer to have special dipes for the diaper bag so I don’t have to keep switching things around.  I’m weird that way.  And if I like them I just may use them for the next size up diaper because they are so affordable.  I’m not sure yet because I really like the way flats wash up.  If I do go with the next size up, I will probably not go with velcro closing, and just use pins.

I have plenty of time to decide, lol. 

I really need to turn my mind away from baby planning to Christmas planning because it is really sneaking up on us.  And to afford it this year will take lots of creativity.  It’s a good thing that is one of my gifts. Ha-ha.

Well, I need to try to get some rest this morning, because I keep falling asleep at 7:30.  Have a good day all.