I enjoy having cats.  My children enjoy having cats.  My husband enjoys not having mice because of the cats.  But, I dont’ enjoy cat litter boxes.  No matter the litter it’s either tracked everywhere or smells bad.  So you have to scoop it regularly, which isn’t happening while I’m pregnant, sweep constantly, also not happening or buy an expensive litter box set up.  I did have a top entry box that I loved for keeping the dog from snacking and containing the litter, but it smelled soooo bad and so had to be scrubbed and bleached regularly.  Which is another thing that isn’t happening while I’m pregnant.

So, desperation drove me to find an affordable solution…..or at least a workable solution.  There is no way I was going to buy a $100-200 cat litter system.  Ummm, these are cats, it’s waste products, and well my family likes to eat and be clothed.  So I had to get more creative.  As I would shop I kept seeing these disposable cat boxes that I used to spurn in disgust.  I mean who would use one of those?  Well, over time I decided to research them a bit, and found only good reviews on them.  Hmmmm, would they work for me?

I bought a package of these disposable litter boxes.  My original concern was that urine would soak through the box and it would be a huge mess.  But I wanted to try them.  I opened my package (came in package of two for $6-7 at Walmart) and plopped a box down on the floor.  Then I filled it with scoopable cat litter, just the cheapie kind.  I plopped a cat into it to see the response.  Kitties get excited about fresh boxes, lol.  My two cats loved it.  It completely stopped the odor, lasting for over a week before needing to be replaced.  It didn’t soak through and I didn’t have to scoop my box!  Amazing!  There was one problem though, the litter had a tendency (like every use) to fly out of the box, ick.  Not all of it, just enough to make the floor constantly messy.  I loved not having the smell, but the mess was driving me nuts.

My solution to that problem was to buy a large Sterilite bin with a lid and place the disposable box inside it.  I then had dh cut around the edge of the lid leaving a lip on it all the way around to make it easier for the kitties to jump in and out.  This has two benefits, doggie can’t help himself to "treats" icky, icky, icky, and the kitties can paw the litter as energetically as they like and it stays inside the large bin.  The children just have to take the large bin outside, remove the disposable box, dump any stray litter inside the large bin, then put in a new disposable box and litter. 

The one thing is that most likely without doggie helping to scoop out solid waste the children will have to scoop midweek, but that is not a big deal at all.

So, if you want a solution to the smelly/messy cat box dilema then I really suggest a system like this.  Nice and tidy…….and fresh smelling.