Isn’t this the neatest thing? 

Picture 6502 (600 x 450)

It’s a plastic template kit that allows you to punch holes into fleece to create beautiful blankets.  You can also connect smaller pieces of fleece together making a pretty quilt.  They have an EdgeryDoo for different needs.  One for rounded edges using a worsted weight yarn, one with rounded edges to use with baby or fingering weight yarn, and the squares, which allow you to make different size squares to be connected into various things.

I want the basic starter kit, the original trianular template kit.  It of course is too pricey for right now, but hopefully sometime next year I can afford it and then I can make each of my children a special blanket for next Christmas.  How fun would that be?  Something with a lacey edge for my girls in a print that is special to each of them.  And something plainer and more "manly" for each of my boys also in a print that is special to each of them.  And for making gifts for others it would be fantastic too.  It wouldn’t take as much time as crocheting or knitting an entire afghan, and they would be so warm and cozy.

I love finding new things to add freshness to my crafting, lol.  Don’t you?