Today’s list of things I love….

-My children and snuggling with them

-Braxton hicks contractions….they get me ready for labor

-Spaghetti with cheese……mmmmm pretty much a pregnancy thing

-Crocheting baby things

-My husband……he is truly the love of my life

-The Lord of course, lol!

-Stores that put a garbage can conveniently located in the parking lot

-STORK PARKING (shouldn’t this be everywhere????)

-Clean laundry……mmmmmm

-Hot fudge sundaes after spahetti with cheese

-Happy children

-An organized home…..someday I’ll have this…..I will

-Window shopping on the internet and then not buying anything (no cart to unload, and no pain in my checkbook, lol)


-An almost finished Christmas craft list