There is nothing new and exciting happening today.  At least I hope we don’t get some unexpected excitement, with 6 kids that is not always a good thing, lol.

So today I will knuckle down and actually pay the bills (I don’t know why it’s like pulling teeth lately to get me to pay the bills….what is up with that?).  And I will work on getting some of the recent patterns I have designed organized to be placed on my blog.

The children are still sick with the flu and I don’t feel really great so we will take it easy.

Oh, there is a mix up at the DMV involving our car insurance and the DMV wanting to suspend our registration on two of our cars.  I contacted the insurance company and the DMV weeks ago and thought it was resolved.  But registered mail recently recieved shows that the insurance company dropped the ball and the DMV is suspending our registration on the 17th.  So, Monday I’m going to head into town and try to get this resolved.  If you think of me, please pray for this situation.

Well, I’m drowsy and chilly, so I"m going to curl up in bed with some pink yarn and a crochet hook.  Have a wonderful day.