Okay, here is today’s idea.  Cloth menstrual pads.  I know many of you are getting sick right now, but for those of you that aren’t getting sick and are interested here is my tip for getting a supply made inexpensively.

First, take you favorite disposable pad and lay it out flat onto a sheet of paper (you may need to extend the wings so they overlap, as some adhesive winged pads aren’t long enough to overlap around panties).  Trace around it and cut out your pattern.  Then take some fleece fabric and cut out your pad shape.  Next cut a horizontal strip on each end of the pad (the top and bottom), this will hold in you "pad".  Next sew snaps on your wings.  You can buy snaps to hand sew on at Walmart or any fabric store.  Next, find yourself some washcloths, towels or flannel fabric and fold it to fit.  Slip fabric under strips and you are good to go.  When fabric is soiled just remove from holder and slip in fresh fabric.

Here is a pic of mine:

For my pad I have some ready made pads that slip right in.  If you do sew you could make some of these really quickly by cutting out several layers and sewing around the edges.

Enjoy your fast and frugal new cloth pads!