I’ve been really busy lately.  Busy trying to get my home in better order before baby comes.  Busy making gifts, and baby things and things for my girls.  Busy with school, and errands.  You know, normal busy.

I have finally finished all of my crochet projects, except for legwarmers which I want to make my girls for this winter.  So that is next and last on my list.  I made 4 cardigan’s for the girls to go with their Christmas skirts I’ll be making.  I won’t be making them until after baby though, this huge belly is just making cutting anything out way too hard, lol.  And yesterday I whipped up another little blanket for the carseat.

I discovered that blankets 28-20 inches square are the perfect size to tuck around a baby in a carseat, but they don’t fall out and they don’t drag all over the place.  So I made a few of those.  My girls are way excited about those because once baby grows out of them, they get them for their dolls.

My husband and I are pretty sure that this little darling will be our last baby.  So, I am determined to enjoy every minute of her infancy.  We have chosen a name, Grace Ariella.  Actually, my husband picked it out and this is the only girl of ours that he has named.  I think he made a good choice and I was completely stumped as to a name for her.

I can’t believe that I only have 15 days until my due date.  For me that will probably be longer because I have always gone past my due date.  I’m curious about this baby though.  This is the first baby that has measured right on as far as dates go during my ultrasounds.  All my others always measured a week behind, so I’m curious to see if this baby comes out closer to her due date or if I’m still a week behind. 

Honestly, I don’t really want her to be born on Thanksgiving, but whatver the Lord wants.

Well, I have better get going.  Today’s list is just as long as every other day’s list, lol.

Have a wonderful day!