So, considering that my body still doesn’t seem close to ready to give birth I thought I would occupy myself by sharing some statistics, lol.

1. only 4-5% of women deliver on their due date.  That means the 95-96% percent of us will miss the date given.  So, why do we pay so much attention to that magical number, lol?

2.  5% of women deliver in week 37 of pregnancy. 

3. 10-20% of women deliver in weeks 38-39 of pregnancy.

4. about 28% deliver in their 40th week of pregnancy.

5. about 18% deliver in their 41st week of pregnancy.  This has always been me, sigh.

6. about 9% deliver in their 42nd week of pregnancy.

7. about 1.5-3% deliver in their 43-44 week of pregnancy.  I really feel for those women and assume that most of them have midwives and homebirth.  Most obstetricians would’t let a woman go that far with her pregnancy before inducing.


Now, while I have always wanted to give birth a week or two earlier, or hey, even just in my 40th week.  Research shows that in the long run it’s much better for baby to be born later as has been my pattern.  Here is an article that reinforces that a bit,  As Babies Are Born Earlier, They Risk Problems Later.

Now, I don’t agree that we should take the risk of more stillborns to prevent these problems.  But inducing for convenience which is so common now days is not a good thing.  I think we all need to remember that our Father set up the length of a pregnancy for just the right amount of time.  And if we decide that we can’t take being pregnant another minute and insist on being induced, or that we need to deliver when it is convenient, then we need to be prepared for lifelong consequences that may occur.

This pregnancy has been a struggle for me.  With all my pregnancies I have been ready for baby weeks before baby has come.  But this one has been harder for me to wait for, I admit, because of the upcoming holidays.  I don’t want to be in the hospital on Thanksgiving and ruin my children’s day.  It’s a silly reason, but still I have struggled with it.  I’m glad that my doctor is good at playing dumb and overlooking the whines of her patients when there is no real valid reason.  If she had been more "sympathetic" I would have had the courage to ask for an induction based on convenience. 

Anyway, there is my post for today.  Hopefully it will be interesting to someone out there.