Hmmm, what will I do today to keep my mind off the constant question of whether or not this will be the day.

So far I have written out my Christmas gift list and designed and printed out some labels on the computer.  I have washed several loads of laundry to take to the laundromat to dry later on today.  And I’ve done a load of dishes.

Not a whole lot, but something at least.  Yesterday I had some regular contractions, but nothing today.

So, other than my weekly laundry trip, what should I do to keep my mind occupied?  I have two crochet projects I would like to work on, but no yarn to do them, so that is out.  I could clean the garage with my husband, but I’m still too sore from my two mile walk with the dog yesterday.

I guess I’ll just continue to focus on the laundry today.  And try to keep my mind off of food, because I have a serious case of the muchies today, lol.