Okay, it is getting harder to keep myself busy.  Yesterday I did cleaning chores (normal for any end of pregnancy woman, lol) and I made paper plate snowmen with my girls.  Then I made a crochet turkey that hangs on a doorknob from Annie’s Attic free pattern of the day recently.  It turned out really cute, lol.  Then I made a scarf while watching a Christmas movie with my girls.  The boys spent the day playing with Dad.

Today I go to the doctor where she will perform a non-stress test on baby and an ultra-sound to check baby’s condition, size and level of amniotic fluid.  Then she wants to set a date for induction.  Now I want this baby in my arms and out of my tummy, but if my body isn’t ready to be induced (as it hasn’t been and hasn’t shown any signs of) I don’t want to be induced.  Those types of inductions tend to be long and not have the greatest outcomes.  Yet at the same time, my husband has to be back at work by a certain date and so I have to deliver relatively soon.  And then there is Thanksgiving to think about. 

Well, I guess I’ll spend this morning working on another scarf as I found a cute pattern that looks easy and fast.  I can’t really focus on anything detailed right now.  And I will trust the Lord to work out all the other details that are clearly out of my hands.  This whole pregnancy the whisper of c-section has gone through my mind.  I’ve never had one, and don’t want one.  I’ve had surgery before and recovering from it wasn’t a fun experience.  But I have wondered off and on through this pregnancy if that whisper was the Lord preparing me for one.  As I go through this time and notice my body not doing any of the things it did with the other babies, I wonder more.  Soon I’ll know for sure.