The winter issue of TEACH magazine arrived right on schedule.  And I was eager to read it, but with a new baby, and Christmas, quiet time for this mommy was hard to find.  Even now my sweet little baby is letting me know that she isn’t happy I’m taking a few minutes on the computer, lol.

But this past week I was able to enjoy my copy.  And I really did enjoy it.  I was dissappointed that my oven is broken and that I couldn’t try the yummy looking cookie recipes.  But my oven won’t be broken forever <wink>.  I enjoyed reading all of the articles and was especially touched by the article by Sally Clarkson (I hope I spelled her name correctly).  She always has a way of getting me to re-evaluate myself which I really need.  This magazine is really an encouragement to me, especially at this halfway point in the school year.  I need the renewal that this magazine brought me.

Well, I had better get going and snuggle my new little one (and change the diaper that has her so troubled).  I just wanted to share how much I enjoyed this recent issue of TEACH magazine.  If you are looking for a magazine to encourage you as you home educate than this is a wonderful magazine.