If you have a front loader you know that it can be hard to measure out the smaller amount of detergent that you need to use to get your clothes clean.  I grew tired of having gunky bottles etc.  So I cleaned out an empty dish soap squeeze bottle and filled it with liquid laundry soap.  Now I just squeeze the amount I need right into the little drawer and it’s fast with no sticky mess or drips ever.

And here is a second bonus tip for those of you that might find yourself dryer-less.  You can still wash and dry your comfortors and sheets even when it’s raining outside.  Just wash your blanket/sheet and then drape it over your bedroom door.  It will take several hours to dry but it will dry and you have saved yourself an unpleasant trip to the laundromat.

That’s really all I can think to share today.  I’ll try to get better at posting on here now that baby is getting a bit older.