Hooray!  Yesterday a new stove, washer and dryer were delivered.  I feel so very blessed.  It had been over a year since our dryer died and our washer has been leaking for some time.  They had been repaired repeatedly so we were ready for a new set.  Our stove was old and icky and when the oven went out about 6 months ago we decided to replace it and not repair it.  We just had to wait for funds.

All three are Frigidaire and so far I love them.  I’m washing my 6th load of laundry now and I love this washer so much more than my Kenmore He3t which was a total lemon.  It cleans well, takes up a smaller footprint and my girls can actually transfer the laundry from washer to dryer with this set even though it’s stacked.  I was even able to wash my king size comforter in it, yay!  The stove is nicer than my old one, it’s gas and has electronic ignition which is super nice.  I bought the least expensive front load Frigidaire washer/dryer set and I’m quite happy with it.  And the stove is a lower end model also. 

I feel strongly that you don’t need the fancier models with the great colors and extra bells and whistles.  I try to remind myself of what I’m using the appliance for.  The stove is to cook, as long as it will do that without too much extra maintenance, than it’s good for me.  The goal of a washer is to wash clothes.  I don’t need 35 wash cycles and all kinds of bells and whistles.  It just needs to get the clothes clean.

So today feels like Christmas for me.