I have a front loading washing machine.  This is actually my second one.  My first one had the notorious mold problem that front load machines are known for.  So for this one I decided to take preventative measures.  Last night before bed I popped in an Affresh tablet and ran a normal cycle on hot.  My machine smells fresh and clean this morning.  It didn’t smell moldy before but it was beginning to get that washer smell…..you know the one they get after repeated use?  Now it smells just like new again.

I highly recommend   using this product or something comparable regularly in your machine if you have a front loading machine.

And my second tip for today…..always put away your clean laundry.  If you happen to leave it on your bed to put away later at a more convenient time you might be sorry.  For instance, I put a folded load of laundry on my bed and then plopped the baby down on my bed to change her later that day.  I finished fastening her clean diaper up and looked up into her adorable face only to discover that she was chewing on a clean pair of unmentionables

So, if you really need to leave your laundry until later to put away….don’t change your baby’s diaper next to the pile, lol.  Ummm, and also don’t let your little ones climb up rambunctiously onto your bed and destroy all those beautiful piles.  Unless of course you really enjoy folding laundry <grin>