Today I am crisis cleaning.  Now, I don’t mean cleaning like crazy because I’m in a personal crisis and need the therapy, lol.  I mean my house is in a crisis and it needs therapy, lol.  The reason my house is in crisis mode is because after I had the baby I spent the next  months enjoying her and dumping stuff like crazy in our "extra" room.  Then when I went to start to clean that room the stuff ended up spreading all over the rest of the house creating a "crisis".  So, now every room needs serious help and because I tend to be housework ADD, I am using Flylady’s crisis cleaning method.  Which works wonderfully and yields a nice clean home most of the time

Here is the method in short:

1.  Clean 3 different rooms or areas for 15 minutes each.
2.  Take a 15 minute break.
3.  Repeat until your home is livable again

So, while we are doing crisis cleaning, school will be put aside.  Or should I say the children are having home ec/life skills training for school today, lol.

Oh, and part of the disaster is the seasonal clothing switch.  Washing/sorting/storing the winter clothes, and sorting and washing the summer clothes.  Yes, I’m weird.  Even though I washed the clothes before storing them last fall, I’m washing again before putting them away in the children’s bins.  I’m really not a super neat-freak, but on some things I’m kind of wacky.

Oh, and here is a tip for today:
Use a spiral bound index card thingy as your prayer journal.  You can write individual requests on the cards and they will stay together.  Then when one is answered you can write how, remove it and put it in an index card box to read later when feeling discouraged, or like your prayers aren’t being heard.  You can also use one for your memory verses to keep them together for easy review.

Well, my 15 minute break is up so I get to go make a dent in my mess again.