Today is errand day.  I get to take Miss Eden to the pediatrician for a well check and shots.  I also get to go to Costco, woohoo!  I’m only kidding.  Costco is only fun if you have a whole bunch of money to buy the fun "extras" that they have there, lol.  I don’t have bunches of money, there will be no extras.  But going with just me and the baby will be fun.  I also get to make a quick run into a craft store.  Well I hope it’s a quick run, I just love craft stores.  I hope to stop at the thrift store if Eden will allow.  She isn’t real big on shopping, lol.  And finally I get to mail off a package to a special Momys friend.

I’m sure there are other things that I’m forgetting that I need to do.  It’ss a good thing that I write most stuff down.

From here until Christmas, errand days will be quieter for me.  The children don’t come in case I buy a Christmas gift for someone.  I wish I could buy everything all at once, wrap it and be done with it.  But my life doesn’t work this way.  I always hope that it will for the next year though.  I don’t give up, lol.

Well, I need to get the bills paid, the baby bathed and my loads of stuff together to take with me.  Hopefully tomorrow I can write about the new issue of TEACH magazine.  I just love that magazine, it’s so edifying to me.  Have a nice day everyone!