About two weeks ago, little Eden got a burn from a space heater.  Yes, I know it shouldn’t have been on with a baby about.  I could go into all that happened that led up to her burn, but I won’t.  It happened, I felt awful about it and still do.  But sometimes you have to move on.

Anyway, I took care of her blister properly and it healed well and new skin formed.  Of course it happened when we didn’t have much money, so I had to make due a bit with how I treated it.  Once the new skin formed I applied A&D Ointment to it at each diaper change, massaging it into the scarred skin.  I wasn’t seeing any improvement though. 

I was running errands this past weekend and made a stop at Whole Foods Market.  I rarely get to make a trip there, but I needed a cloth diaper friendly diaper rash ointment available there.  I ordered some online but needed some now for sweet baby’s bum.  While there I discovered this salve stick, Hemp Baby Salve by the Merry Hempsters.  I applies dome to Miss Eden’s scar while putting her in her car seat.  Instantly some of the angry red went away.  I was excited and wanted to see what would happen with continued use.  I applied it several more times during that day and by the evening the rough out skin of the scar was sloughing off.  Now, a few days later the skin is just as soft as all the skin surrounding it.  It is still a bit pink but I’ll just keep applying the salve until the pinkness is gone.  I am so impressed by this product because I was seeing no improvement in that rough scar skin with the other ointments that I tried.

I plan to keep one of these on hand in my medicine cabinet now.  And it was only about $4.50.  It says it can be used for diaper rash too.  I would love to try that in the future, because it is no mess application.

A second product that I tried this weekend and I really like is California Baby’s Diaper Area Wash.  It smells "clean" and works really well.  I wish I had known of these products years ago with my first baby.  Better late than never though.