My first daughter is 10 today!  She is such a sweetie and has had a fun day.  She decorated her birthday cake and is wearing a new birthday outfit.  The poor girl is sick, so she is more subdued than she would normally be.

And I have just finished making my school book orders for the next year.  And now I am eagerly waiting for the packages to start arriving.  I love this time of year when the books come in the mail and we are all excited by the mystery of the new stuff.  About the end of the year the stuff isn’t a mystery anymore and we are just trying to get through the books, lol.  They wonderful annual cycle of homeschooling.

I ordered a product called The Flashmaster  that drills math facts.  I am hopeful that the children will finally get those facts memorized. 

I also ordered The Well Guided High Schooler planner and I am really looking forward to receiving it.  It looks beautiful and really useful.

And then I ordered all the basics.  Some new things that I have never tried and some things that we know and love to use with my younger children.

What is your current favorite homeschool aid?  Whether an encouraging book, curriculum item, teaching aid or learning aid?  Right now I would have to say Life of Fred math series.  And I have a suspicion that we are all going to love the Flashmaster.