Today is Mother’s Day.  The day Mom is supposed to be treated as a queen, right?  The children are supposed to be thoughtful and kind to Mom and to each other.  Everyone is supposed to pitch in and do Mom’s chores, or at least the ones they are able to.  Mom is supposed to not have to cook.  Hubby is supposed to make it clear how very appreciative he is for the way his wife is raising his children.  Ahhhh, Mother’s day, a wonderful breath of fresh air for Mom’s all over America.

But is that the way it goes?  Not very often, and not in very many homes.  I think mostly it’s just that way in Mom’s imagination and in Hallmark commercials.  It’s not real to expect perfection from our family at any time, and if we do we are setting ourselves up for dissappointment.  And honestly, it isn’t exactly biblical the way we interpret Mother’s day either is it? Here is an excellent blog post on that.

 Now here is a more real version of a Mother’s day.  Mom get’s to wake up at 3:30 in the morning with a sweet, sick, child that wet the bed, while dad sleeps, blissfully unaware of the excitement.  Mom gets the sweet, sick, child cleaned up and settled on the couch to rest (Mom is NOT going to wash the wet bedding at 3:30 in the morning!).  Mom, dreams of going back to sleep but realizes that nobody is going to get breakfast if the kitchen isn’t cleaned up.  Yes, this Mom, did not make sure her kitchen was clean before going to bed, which she is very much regretting now.  So, Mom gets ready to start the dishes.  Sweet sick child asks for a story.  Mom sits down and reads a story which puts sweet, sick, child to sleep. Mom briefly considers curling up and going back to sleep but decides not to.  So she gets up and loads the dishwasher.  She pulls it over (yes it’s a portable one, remember this is a "real" Mom), plugs it in, and discovers there is no power in the outlet.  She checks the breaker box and finds nothing amiss.  She groans inwardly because she knew one outlet was out, but thought it was a bad outlet. Nope it’s something more.  She needs those dishes clean and sanitized because of the two sick children in the house, so she goes out to the garage to get an extension cord.  As she reaches and flips the light switch she realizes that there isn’t power in the garage!  What a start to her day! She then checks the garage freezer. Yes, everything is melting.  This mom, cleans out the freezer and does her best to not let anything be wasted.  She goes and tells her husband (who is still sleeping) and  he doesn’t respond. By this time she wants to curl up and cry.  In her mind she was hoping that at least today she would get a day off.  She is reminded in her spirit of the verse in the Bible that says that all things work together for the good of those who love the Lord. Ahhh, she needed that reminder.

She goes into the kitchen and gets the dishwasher going with an extension cord. The dishwasher doesn’t wash the dishes properly, so she gets to struggle with doing multiple rinses, and trying to get the machine to drain. In the midst of this, her sweet children give her a couple homemade cards and something constructed out of yarn.  Lovely gifts.  Her sweet little girls ask her if she is having a good Mother’s day with hopeful eyes.  She smiles and says yes.

She spends the day in service to her family.  Preparing nicer meals and trying to make the day festive, because her children think it’s a holiday. Her heart is not always cheerful about it. But she does her best to show her love for her family through her actions and words. 

Finally the day is over. She is exhausted, and relieved that another Mother’s Day has passed.  Mother’s day’s are a LOT of work she thinks to herself as she drifts off to sleep. 

I think that the real version of Mother’s day is more Biblical. It involves many oppurtunities to grow in the Lord.  This mom can practice loving sacrificially, serving others, dying to herself and rejoicing in every situation.