This new format will definately be something new to learn.� Hopefully it won’t be too hard for this scatter-brained MOMY to learn, lol.

This past week I have been crocheting mesh shopping bags that fold up into a pouch.� I’ve made two and I really like them both.� But as I made them I realized that there were features of the construction of each bag that I liked.� So, I have decided to get to work in writing up my own pattern for one.� This one will be written in a way that seems simpler for me.� This way if I want to create several it will be simpler for me and I won’t have to try to remember the changes I made on any one pattern.� Once I’m finished I will post the instructions here.� Hopefully I’m successful 🙂

Here are the links to the patterns that I originally used.� Tuck Away Tote�is really cute and I really love this pattern.� I made mine with cheap string from the hardware store.� And Super�Self Pouching String Bag