I selected a new theme that I will play with for a while until I decide if Iwant to keep it or not.  It has gotten harder to blog since Miss Eden was born a year and a half ago.  Or maybe it has nothing to do with that and it is just that I am getting older.  Whatever the cause I am determined to persevere and make blogging a more regular part of my life again.

I did get that pattern designed for the shopping bag that I was working on, and I really like it.  Hopefully I can find time soon to get it written out so that someone besides me can understand it. 

Right now I am sitting next to my daughter prodding her on to do her lessons.  She woke up in a mood that is less than pleasant today.  For everything that she needs to do she is grumbling and whining.   She just expressed the hardship of having to plug in the pencil sharpener before sharpening her pencil.  Completely silly since she knows that we keep it unplugged to keep Miss Eden from hurting herself.   I’m going to have to sit down and have a talk with her about being thankful, and being content in all situations.

Well, I’m off for today.  I need to get more laundry done and finish lessons with all the children.  And then there is dishes and housecleaning etc.  And in all this I need to model a content and thankful heart.