Today I went to and I used her purse booklet template to make a little book to carry with me to keep track of my Christmas shopping progress.   I have an app on my Ipod for the same purpose, but it just isn’t clicking with me.  And inevitably I leave my Ipod at home and don’t have it when I’m out and about.  This little booklet is small enough to pop right into my cash organizer.  So I will be sure to have it when I am out and about.  I know I could have bought something for the purpose, but I am really trying not to spend money on things if I don’t have to.

I keep thinking my deeper thoughts while washing the dishes, and when doing so I also think oh I should blog about this.  But once the kitchen work is done, I forget what I wanted to blog.  I think I need to use the whiteboard above the sink to jot down notes.  Can you just see me in purple rubber gloves, dripping with suds grabbing the dry erase marker and trying to write notes that will make sense later?  I see water drips all over and notes written sloppily while I’m trying to ignore the icky water that is dripping inside of my gloves, ewwww.

Today is the day I plan our menu and grocery list for the next two weeks.  It’s getting harder and harder to do this with the funds I have to work with.  So, I am forced to be more creative and also to learn a bit of humilty.  Even so, my family is so blessed and nowhere near as poor as I was when I was growing up.   My children all have clothes, shoes and an abundance of toys and games.  We live in a house and have been in this same house for practically my entire marriage.  And as far as food goes, we have way more than I did growing up.  I remember times with only potatoes in the house to eat.  I remember having cupboards that really were bare.  In our home we always have food, just not always food that we want to eat.  But we always have more than potatoes, lol.

Today is the last day of our 3 week on 1 week off cycle of school.  Whew, I am really looking forward to having a week off.  I will be doing Science lessons with the younger children during our off week, but no other subjects.  That will give me lots of extra time for cleaning.  I am really looking forward to it.  I’m planning on getting our school room cleaned out and the books etc in there moved out so that we can have two girl rooms instead of the one we currently have.  I have to find places to store the stuff, I think most of it is going to end up being moved into the garage.  That room has become more of a dump everything room, so it really looks bad, and I’m a bit intimidated by the thought of going in there and dealing with it.  The garage will get organized too 🙂  I won’t actually get the room changed to a girls room next week.  I’ll do that on my next week off next month.  I love this schedule because after about 3 weeks of trying to balance lessons, child training and housework I start to get burned out.  The week off is refreshing for all of us.

Well I need to go finish lessons with my last two children.  Then I will be FREE! 🙂