I have� been busily crocheting�things during school and when I can fit it in.� I have finished some cute things although I still have a ton I want�to do.� I will only share the things that I have pictures of.� As soon as I find my camera I will share pics of some of the other things.

I made some little dolly puppets for Eden.�

A boy:

And a girl:

Those will go in Miss Eden’s Stocking.

I’ve made some potholder sets:

These are just something I whipped up,�no real pattern here.

Here is a really cute hot pad (not a potholder).� I love this pattern, so pretty and so very easy.� You do need to be a member of Ravelry to access it.

I’ve made a few other things but I will share those another time.� Miss Eden is driving the kitties crazy and everyone else is sleeping in our home.