I haven’t started any of the projects that�I was planning on starting this week.� Sometimes life just doesn’t flow in the direction that we planned it to go.� We can fight the current and exhaust ourselves or just go with the flow.� Or we can strategically choose to do both.� And that is what I have chosen to do for this week.� I am going to go with the flow, but use my�paddle to guide my direction as much as I can.�

My sister was off in Norway visiting family and enjoying the beauty of that country.� She had a great time, for which I am very thankful.� But now she is back home.� And that is good.� I missed her.

All of my family have traveled the world somewhat.� Most having gone to Norway.� I can’t see me ever going to Norway.� With 7 children I won’t be able to afford it.� That is fine and if I’m honest I really want to go to Australia, not Norway. That is a country I would really like to see.� Now being the only one that hasn’t traveled the world any I was beginning to feel a little mismatched with my family.� But then I realized that once when I was still in my teens, my Mother and I drove up into Canada.� We were only there maybe an hour, but hey that counts.� So I too am a world traveler.� I fit.

It doesn’t bother me that I am not traveling all over the place because I am content at home.� There are places I would love to go visit, such as the San Antonio River Walk in Texas, and the state of �Alaska.� And the above mentioned Australia.� But I don’t “dream” about it.� It’s just something that would be great to do “someday” but if it doesn’t happen it’s not a big deal to me.

Well, I need to get to paddling if I’m going to direct myself if life’s current at all today.

But if we have food and clothing, we will be content with that.� 1 Timothy 6:8