This year I have been trying to lose weight.� I lost 18 pounds and then the wind left my sails.� So I am starting� Thin Within in the hopes that I can make some permanent changes that don’t leave me counting things for the rest of my life.� Today I am on day 2.

I’m finding out that I eat not only when I’m hungry.� I eat when I’m stressed, I eat when I want entertainment, and I eat if something just sounds really good.� So today I am trying to learn to only eat when I’m actually hungry.� It’s harder than it sounds.� For the next 29 days I am not supposed to count calories or weigh myself.� It’s freeing and scary all at the same time.�

I’m praying that with the Lord’s help I can learn to follow a truer way of eating.�

If you have ever followed Thin Within, how did it go for you?