I have been doing awful on my diet.� Just awful.� I’m ravenous and I want all the wrong things.� I think starting Thin Within while in the midst of a monthly female hormone storm might not be the best idea.� So, today I am baking brownies.� I am going to do it and not feel guilty.� I am even going to frost them, frosted brownies are my favorite.�

I am almost finished with a variation of the string shopping bag pattern that I made.� Then I am planning on working on another design that is floating around in my head.� After I am finished, I’ll get it written up and posted here.�

Hmmm, I need to figure out how to list my patterns on my sidebar again.� Hmmm, something to add to my to list <grin>� I think that my do list is as big as Santa’s list.� No, we don’t do Santa here, but I am using that as a reference, lol.

Well back to teaching lessons today.