As I woke up this morning and was getting my husband breakfast and making his lunch, I was also mapping out my day.� First I was going to finish a quick crochet project that I have been working on.� Then I was going to get my kitchen really clean and redo a closet and my laundry room, well all of my food storage.� Then�I was going to get the mountain of clean laundry in my room put away.� I was planning on turning today into a home-ec day for the children to get our home back in order.� Since I plan our lessons for a 3 week cycle I figure that if we miss a day but get those lessons done on another day we are fine.� So my plans were made and the Lord decided to change them.�

My sweet husband went to the car to zoom off to work.� He turned the key, “click, click, click”.� Hmmm.� Up goes the hood.� I in my summer nightie go out and turn the key for him while he gazes under the hood looking perplexed.� “Click, click, click” we hear again but my husband says, “hold it!”� Off he goes into the garage to look for something.� I get out of the car to help him find it (our garage is less than organized), he tells me it smoked at the cable connections when I was turning it.� Sigh, off to the mechanic the car goes.� The cables and battery will need to be replaced.� My sweet husband gets to stay home with me, unfortunately without pay, but he gets to be home.� Where we live there is no public transportation, so unless you can get a ride from a friend, which couldn’t happen today you stay home.

So, instead of what I had planned I get to ride with the tow truck driver over to the auto shop and get the car looked at.� I get to humble myself and ask my mother if she can help us pay for the repairs.� And I get to submit to what the Lord has planned for me today.� Our next paycheck will be noticably smaller because of this, so for the next several weeks we will get to submit.� Unfortunately that means we will be painfully broke when my husband is on vacation…..again.�

Ah well, such is life.� There are so many things to be thankful for that it’s a waste of time to wallow in the could have’s or if only’s.� And thinking back to my Saviour, He also said, “Not my will…”�and what the Father asked of Him was SOOOOO much harder than the silly valley that He is asking me to go through.� How can I complain at all?

Going a little farther, he fell with his face to the ground and prayed, “My Father, if it is possible, may this cup be taken from me. Yet not as I will, but as you will.”� Matthew 26:39