Okay, yesterday’s post was bad.� I’m sorry.

So, to make it up to you I will share the method that we have adapted after much prayer.�

In the past�I would set up beautifully organized systems to keep track of my bills and place them in a binder or a planner.� But for me out of sight is totally out of mind, when I am crazy busy.� So sometimes the bills wouldn’t get written in and sometimes (gasp) they wouldn’t get paid.� Those elaborate yet beautifully organized systems didn’t work for me.� Another problem turned out to be placing my receptacle to contain the bills where things could be piled onto them or they could be knocked over.� It just didn’t work in our home.� And what the Lord is slowly teaching me is that there might be wonderful and valid organizing systems out there.� But if they don’t click with�my style or�my family’s style they won’t work.� So I have taken to doing what I should have done in the first place, dropping to my knees and asking the Lord to give me wisdom.� Because on my own I don’t have any.

So, here is what I ended up doing:

I took a medium-sized whiteboard, a clipboard, a magnet pouch thing (from the Dollar Tree), pens etc. and I combined them to make an area on my wall where I can keep track of things.

I used outlook to print monthly calendars out (only bummer is I had to add in the holidays) in the portrait style so they would clip onto my clipboard.� Then I made a simple table on Microsoft Works that lists my regular monthly bills, a space to write in the amount, date paid etc and a check mark for when it’s paid.� This table I made sure didn’t take up more that half of my page.� I printed the table out on the reverse side of the calendar sheets.� But I did in such a way that when looking at the calendar, I just have to fold up the sheet and I can write in the bill info.� No flipping the page over or having to write upside down.� Simple, cheap and orderly.� Now if you have a family that needs a lot of space to write things down, you may need a special calendar just for that.� But this will work fine for our family.

Then I hung the whiteboard right next to the calendar.� I placed the magnet box pouch thingy up high in the corner and inside it go, pens, bills, notes, stamps and you know the stuff you need for simple bill paying.� The bills are out of reach to the children and nothing will be piled on top of them.�

When I pay the bills I just grab everything out of the pouch and grab the clipboard and I’m good to go.� After bill paying, I have a simple accordian file that I place the reciepts into for filing.� It is portable, which is essential in our family as there is no room to set up an office area.� The accordian file holds the reciepts for the entire year.� At the end of the year they are transfered to a standard behometh metal file cabinet for longer storage until they aren’t needed any longer.� The accordian file will be used for the next year’s filing.� A simple system that is tailored to our families needs.� Thank you Lord!

The white board is also used for keeping a running to do list for me.� I have a laminated 4×6″ card on it with my repeating daily chores, and one with my weekly chores.� Also there is a card for a shopping list (makes it separate from the rest of the notes on the board).� Because they are laminated the dry erase markers work well on them.� Our chore system is in the process of being re-designed through much prayer.� Once that is done I will share that also.

Here are a couple pics so you can better visualize it: