Today I have been searching all over the web for instructions with dimensions to make my own hanging gift wrap organizer.� I haven’t been able to come up with anything.� Well, I did find this one.� It’s really great.� But I need something that is portable because I wrap all over the place.� And I really wanted something that would hang on the back of a door.

So, I will just come up with something on my own.� I can’t really afford to buy anything right now.� Not with Christmas coming.� Hmmm, sitting here typing this I have an idea to simply re-purpose something that I already have in my home.� It won’t be pretty, as in the link above.� But for this year, it will be very functional I think.� And won’t cost me a cent.

Thank you all for helping think this through, lol.� If my idea works out, I’ll post a pic of it tomorrow.

Yesterday I was at the grocery store browsing magazines that I had no intention of buying.� I was waiting for my laundry to finish at the laundry mat.� So my daughter and I were looking through the craft magazines.� Family Fun has a great Christmas craft one out right now.� In it I saw a great idea for displaying Christmas cards and in my mind would be perfect to make a Christmas countdown on.� So I came home and did a search on their site.� Nope, I couldn’t find it.� Oh well.� I have the basic idea planted in my mind.� I can run with that, lol.� For anyone curious, it involved using a tomato cage upside down and decorated (so the pokey spikes were safely contained) to look like a Christmas tree.� The cards were then clipped onto the wire tiers with decorative binder clips.� It was very cute.� And I could just imagine little numbered pouches being clipped onto the tiers instead.

Well, I had better start my day.� It’s Monday, so that means I have to somehow get my brain to realize it needs to switch from weekend routine to weekday/schoolday routine.� My brain is adjusting slowly today.

I hope that you have a wonderful Monday today too.