I am trying really hard to be better about blogging.� It seems I have so much on my mind that I can’t seem to focus on only one thing.�

This past weekend I was really burdened.� Burdened by my chore list, burdened by the impossibility of reaching certain goals set for myself.� Burdened by a dwindling bank balance even right after getting paid (that’s always fun right, lol).� And burdened by a certain mountain that just popped up unexpectedly.� But I was gritting my teeth and doing my best to struggle through and trust the Lord.� You know how we do.� We worry and then remind ourself� to leave it in the Lord’s hands while pleading with Him to take care of whatever it is.� And then determine to not worry.� Then we start the cycle again.�

Well, I was blessed to be able to attend a women’s conference on Saturday.� I was able to fellowship with some lovely women.� But most of all the Lord spoke to my heart through the speakers that He can take care of all of it.� He can move that mountain.� And that yes I CAN do everything through Christ Jesus.� It was just what my weary and burdened soul needed.� A reminder of where to really go to get rest.� Ahhhh, thank you Lord.

So, this week even though it is Tuesday has been great.� The Lord is guiding me through getting things in a more organized state in my home.� And one of the mountains He showed me yesterday is in His hands and He is taking care of it!� And this morning I was able to locate the reciept for my washing machine so I can now schedule the repair and use the extended warranty!� Thank you Lord!

God is so good to us.� So many times I can see the tendencies of the Israelites in the desert in myself.� I am whiny, complainy and oh so forgetful of who God really is.� Lord please forgive me for being such a selfish and faithless person.