Okay, maybe you are one of those outstanding people that can plan a beautiful Thanksgiving and Christmas with no lists and no plan.� My hat is off to you.� And I really admire you.

But for those of us that don’t have enough memory power to keep it all together without some planning and a few lists there is a website that can help us.� They have several plans to help you get through this season without having panic attacks.� All of the plans have already begun except the Christmas Countdown which is what I will be doing and it starts tomorrow.� I will list the others in case you would like to try them for next year ;)� They have the Rudolph Club for those that would like to plan for Christmas all year long.� If money is impossibly tight I think this would be a great option.� They have the Holiday Grand Plan which helps not only with Christmas planning, but with getting your home organized and in ship shape for the holidays.� And the�Houseworks plan which looks very similiar to the Holiday Grand Plan, it lasts 18 weeks.� This year there is also something new, 101 Days Until Christmas.� This website gives you daily assignments to get you ready for the holidays.�

You can pick a plan or read each plans assignments, choose which apply to you make a list and you will have created your own personalized plan for next year.� I am not that organized.� So I am just using the Christmas Countdown this year adding or subtracting things each week as needed.� I’m not sure which plan I’ll use next year.� I really like the idea of at least 18 weeks to plan though.� It gives more time to make gifts and fund the Christmas gift account.� I may even check out the Rudolf Club.

So, tommorrow starts the Christmas Countdown and I am pretty much ready.� I have my lists printed and ready to go.� I do need to find my Christmas music though because Christmas music and hot cocoa make it more fun, lol.

This week for the Christmas Countdown is the Get Organized week.� This week we will make sure that we have a planner all printed and ready to go.� This link has planner pages that you can print and ideas on how to make all sorts of different planners.

This is what my planner looks like:

The first picture shows the inside of the planner with the pages that�I made.� And the first shows the cover.� It’s just an address book binder that I bought on clearance.� It fits nicely in my purse 🙂

I do not put the calendars and planning checklists into it though.� This has all other planning in it.� The calendars and checklists are going onto a clipboard hung in a prominant location so that I can have it more visual.� I need that.

So there you have it.� Help to get through this holiday season organized and calmly.� Well, mostly calmly.� And the best part of having it organized?� There is more time to focus on Who we are really celebrating.