Woohoo!  I love it when you discover something that makes your life a little easier.  Even if the something is just a small simple thing.  Today I was trying to figure out how to make a certain website my homepage.  In the process of that I discovered that I could make it so that when I signed on and it went to my homepage, I could have it open additional tabs for me automatically.  Now you might be saying big deal as you are sitting there all cozy sipping your coffee, tea or cocoa.  You may have already known that, and you might now be sitting there questioning my intelligence.  Well you go right ahead.  I hope I made you feel smarter today, lol.  But it is a new and exciting discovery for me.

Each day I have certain websites I go to and check out.  And now I can open them all at once and quickly go from one to another.  This will save me time.  And I’m embarrassed to say, precious brain power.  I admit it takes a lot of thought sometimes for me to even remember why I turned the computer on, or why I walked into a room.  Or what was I going to write on that whiteboard anyway?  So having something that will remember for me is a very good thing.  And hey, with some of my brain effort eased, perhaps tomorrow you might get a better blog entry than this one 🙂