Last night I was a little creative and made somthing new for dinner.� I cooked up a bunch of chicken and then chopped it small. Then I made some bread dough.� I took a dinner roll size of dough and flattened it into a circle.� Then I placed a bit of chicken, some cheese and some garlic powder.� I pulled up the edges and pinched the seams closed.� Then I popped each one into a greased cup of a muffin tin.� Baked them and they turned out as pretty little muffins with a surpise inside.

Not such a great photo, This is the second batch.� I didn’t pinch the seams well enough on the second batch.� But everyone loved them anyway 🙂

This is such a simple idea and if you don’t have a lot of meat this really stretches it.� I am hoping to make up a bunch of these and some with other fillings to pop into the freezer.� Then on those days where the thought of cooking dinner makes me want to run away, I can just use these 🙂