Today the repair man will come.� Yay!��Although I have some concern.� He is an older gentleman and my machine is stacked.� To get the bottom front panel off you have to tilt the machine to one side or the other.� Otherwise you can’t get to the screws.� It’s a good thing I have two strong teenage boys at home in case he needs help.

Because he is coming my to do list is much longer.� I need to clean all the areas that I pretend don’t exist.� The repair guy might see them, gasp!� So I have made a long list of things to get done before 9 this morning.� So after this entry I will be zipping through the house (with my children of course) getting things spic and span so the repair guy doesn’t see how we really live, lol.

Last night I finished my square for Clue #6 of the Bernat Mystery Crochet Along.� There are only 12 squares left to go now, I’ve done 36 already.� I really hope it turns out well.

Here is a pic of my square:

Oh, a couple weeks ago I bought a new dish strainer.� I bought this one from Costco for about $20.� It’s the best one ever.� It holds a bunch of dishes and it collapses for storage.� But, realistically, it doesn’t get stored much in our house ;)� There was one problem with it, the board underneath it.� Actually no dish strainer boards have worked for our house, not even the ones that are supposedly raised�up.� This is�because our sink sits about 5/8″ above the countertop.� It looks great, but is awful for washing dishes.� I won’t do that again, lol.� So we would use the board and get water everywhere, not fun.� Or we would use towels and end up with sopping wet towels, also not fun.� But, as I�have�said�in previous posts, if you seek wisdom from the Lord, even about silly things like this, He will grant you wisdom.�So, I was cleaning another room and saw a large plastic rubbermaid dishpan that I was using to store misc stuff in.� I dumped the stuff out into a reusable shopping bag, so I could deal with it later ha, ha.� And took my find to my�dish strainer.� I popped my strainer into the dishpan and�voila!� All the water and drips go straight down into the pan.� No more mess everywhere.� Woohoo!�� Thank you Lord!

Here is a pic:

It’s not pretty to look at but it sure helps relieve a lot of frustration :)� Oh and excuse the messy wall above the sink.� My children are in training 😉

Well I’m off to get some scrubbing done before my darlings awake.� Here is a verse to think on today:

Fear of man will prove to be a snare, but whoever trusts in the LORD is kept safe.

Proverbs 29:25

I don’t know about you, but I want to be kept safe 😉