Today is going to be a rather fun day for me.� I am taking my family’s dirty duds and my basket of need to finish craft projects over to my mother’s house and doing some laundry.� The children will stay home with my fabulous husband and do some chores that I will assign.� So, while doing laundry I get to work on my projects quietly with no interruptions.� This day will be like a vacation for me even with�the laundry, lol.��But shhhh, don’t tell my family that 🙂

At the beginning of the week I wrote out a list of all that I wanted to accomplish this week.� And my list was a bit optimistic.� I have several things left that I need to get done.� But I think between the children and I we can do it.� One of the big things is to finish the hats I’m making for our Christmas photo.� I need to finish those today and then get that photo done this weekend so I can order those prints for Christmas cards.� So I will for sure be doing that today.� And I have some other projects that need finishing touches.

Well, I need to scoot.� I need to get my grocery shopping done before I can leave.

You all have a wonderful day 🙂