Yesterday I was running errands before taking my grandmother to dialysis.� I had a few minutes down time, so in the car I checked Facebook.� I read the news feed and started to get depressed.� Several people were discussing how much they spend on this or that.� And how much of a certain item they bought and they hope it lasts a week and I just felt a huge black curtain fall on me.�

I started to feel inadequate, and like a terrible mother.� I started to compare myself and to focus on how much I fall short.� And on how different our family is.� And was I depriving my children?� It was awful.�

But then the Lord gently spoke to my heart.� He asked me who set those standards.� Who says that all of that is needed.� That I need to be thankful for what He has provided and live within the standards that He has set for me and my family.� And I don’t need to wallow in some false idea that I am living in “poverty” as the world would have me believe.

We have food on the table.� Not always the fanciest, but good, simple, belly filling food.� Not one of us in our home runs around unclothed by nessessity.� They baby can’t seem to keep her clothes on, but she has them, lol.� Yes each of us may only have one pair of shoes currently, but you can only wear one pair at a time anyway.� We all have a form of recreation that we enjoy.� Various games and hobbies have been provided.� And most importantly we have Jesus, love and integrity.� That is NOT poverty.� So, the next time that the world or the devil tries to bring you down when your cupboards are bare, remember, that is not poverty.