I came up with this super quick santa hat pattern because I wanted a hat for each of the children, but I did not want to be making these forever.� This is�more instructions than a set in stone pattern and you can really do a lot with it, I think 😉


Red Heart Super Saver Solids in White and Cherry Red

L11/8.00mm hook

Clover Pom-Pom Maker size 3-3/8″

Yarn needle to weave in ends


Row 1:� With white chain 11 loosely.� Slip stitch in second chain from hook and in each chain.� (10 stitches).

Row 2:� Chain 1, slip stitch in the BACK LOOP ONLY of each stitch across. (10)

Repeat row 2 until it fits comfortably around intended head.� For a one-size fits all I did 82 rows.� For my 2 year old I did fewer rows.� Once it is the size needed, slip stitch together to create a circle for the band.


Row 1:� With red,�on edge�of hat brim, join with a slip stitch.� Chain 1 sc in same stitch.� Sc in each stitch around.� Join with a slip stitch.� (I did this so that I went through a little backwards which made the top two loops I went through keep the ribbed knit look of the band).

Row 2-7:� Chain 1, hdc in same stitch as join.� Hdc in each stitch around.� Join with a slip stitch.

Row 8:� Chain 1, hdc in same stitch as join.� Hdc around, making 5 decreases evenly spaced around.

Row 9:� Repeat row 2.

Rows 10-?:� Repeat rows 8-9 until you have 5-7 stitches left.� Fasten off.� Using yarn needle weave long tail through stitches and gather closed.

Make a pom-pom using whatever method that you desire.� Sew pom-pom onto the end of the hat.

This hat can be made with various colors and can be made longer by adding extra rows between the decrease rows.� It comes out very soft because of the large hook used.� Here is a pdf for this pattern:� Quick Santa Hat

I hope that you enjoy this sort of pattern and if you have any questions please ask 🙂