Last week I fell behind in pretty much everything.� I got caught up in making some Christmas ornaments for a swap.� My girls and I had a blast making them, but our routine went right out the window.� And this week will be get back into a routine week.� I honestly don’t want to.� I want to be lazy, have fun and basically just play.� I want to eat cake for every meal.� Sigh, but that is not what the Lord would have for me.� He wants me to tame those fleshly desires, lol.� So, only a little play today and no cake at all.� Although….I just might sneak in some ice cream.

I have been working on the Bernat crochet along.� I am falling a bit behind.� This week’s assignment is 8 squares (the final squares…whew).� I have only gotten one done.� But I was side-tracked by all those ornaments.� And making ornaments is one of my all time favorite activities, lol.� I really hope that I can catch up and that this afghan turns out pretty.� I still don’t have a recipient for it either.�

I’m also working on several Christmas gifts.� I can’t share any details on those, someone might peek 😉 .�

Are you excited that it’s Thanksgiving next week???� I am SO excited.� Turkey, mashed potatoes and PIES.� Mmmmm.� And a big reminder to be thankful for all of the blessings that we have.� We all need that, don’t we?� I know that it’s easy for me to grumble about this or that.� Just this morning I was grumbling cheerfully to myself that I scrubbed the tub thoroughly but because it’s old it still looks dirty.� It’s so much harder to remember to be thankful.� Hmmm, I can be thankful that I have a bathtub that works well, and that it is clean and sanitized.� And boy do I love a nice hot bubble bath.� Thank you Lord for providing my sturdy bathtub and hot water for those baths that I love so much.

And now I really need to get back to my routine 🙂