Yesterday I mentioned that the girls and I had made homemade Christmas ornaments for an exchange.� We used different mediums, but for one we used homemade clay.� I really like the recipe we used, for two reasons.� First it was nice to work with, and second when they dried they were sturdy.� We dropped a couple and they didn’t crack, chip or break.� I didn’t like how long they took to dry.� But that’s alright.�

Here is the recipe (I found it here):

3 cups flour

1 cup salt

1/2 cup white glue

1 cup water

1 tsp lemon juice

Mix it all together and have a ball.� It is called air dry clay, but I ended up baking it for many hours at 170 degrees to get it to finally dry.� In the summer left in the sun it would probably air dry, lol.� Not in cold weather though.

On a sort of different topic, I have been following this year’s Handmade Holidays at Sew Mama Sew!� Today they shared a link for a really yummy looking hot chocolate recipe.� I am thinking that I really want to make this on Christmas Eve.

I have still been following the Christmas Countdown at Organized Christmas.� I have modified it so that the weeks from here until Christmas are organized.� I have my ideal lists written up of what to buy and make and when to do it.� Life doesn’t generally work out as my ideal, but at least I have a plan to shoot for.� I am calm, that is really all my plan is supposed to do right?� Keep me calm.

Next year I think I want to do things a little differently.� Maybe do the Houseworks plan that�Organized Christmas has in addition to an all year version of the Rudolf club.� We’ll see, I haven’t decided yet 🙂