After many weeks of making squares for the Mystery Crochet-Along at Bernat, this is the week that we get the assembly diagram.  I am so excited now that I see how the squares are supposed to go together.  I am very hopeful that it turns out really pretty.  I don’t know if I will be able to get all the squares assembled this week, as I have added some extra Christmas gifts to my craft workload. But I can start while listening to reading lessons at least.  I think that I will only block the 16 mitered squares as those are really only the problem ones.  The others should be fine the way they are.

After this crochet along is finished, I really hope to do another some time.  It has been really fun.

Today I will be sewing.  I need to get working on those advent calendars if they will finished in time for Christmas.  So that, on top of my normal Mom duties should keep me busy today.

Here is a cool link shared today on the Handmade Holidays for printable pop-up cards.  These look like tons of fun!