Today I turned on the computer after feeding dh breakfast and making his lunch.  I read some Bible verses and a devotion.  Then I checked to see what today’s Christmas Countdown assignment was.  Today’s assignment is to clean out the refrigerator.  I really need this assignment because I think that subconsciously I have decided to grow my own penicillin.  You know you pop those leftovers into the fridge because you absolutely aren’t going to waste perfectly good food.  And then something else gets put in front of it and you just forget about it.  I really need to set aside a shelf for just leftovers I think…..hmmmm….I’ll have to actually see if I can work that out.

Anyway, before we all start to make our yummy stuff for next week, I’m sure most of our fridges could use a quick once over.  I didn’t do yesterday’s clean the freezer assignment, so I will tackle that one today too.

I love a clean fridge/freezer, so I am actually pretty glad that this is today’s assignment.  So anyone else following CC with me.  Have fun cleaning out your fridge 🙂