Today is our first snow of the season!� I awoke this morning to a cat that was�literally climbing the walls (crazy cat).� And to a�beautiful light dusting of snow outside.� Soooo pretty 🙂

Yesterday I did the (almost) final shopping for our Thanksgiving meal.� And then I came home and watched some Christmas movies with my girls that we had dvr-ed from the Hallmark channel.� While watching the movies I worked hard working on Miss Eden’s carry along Nativity from the most recent issue of Crochet World magazine.� I really think that she will love it :)� I have the creche/stable/house thingie almost finished, and that is the most work.� Now I just have to make some figures.� I don’t like that they didn’t include any animals in the pattern, so I am going to try to hunt up a pattern for some that keep the same size ratio.��That’s all I crafted�yesterday….well except some crochet dolls that I am making for my girls for Christmas.��Shhhh, don’t tell them, it’s a surprise.

Well, I had better get going to work on those surprises before my sweet darlings wake up.� You all have a wonderful day today 🙂