Because tomorrow is Thanksgiving, today we will do our final cleaning and make pies 🙂  As soon as I finish this post, before the children wake up I will make a No-Bake Chocolate Truffle Pie.  This is the first time making it, so I really hope it’s good.  Then I will start pudding to make a banana cream pie and a chocolate cream pie with bananas and I will also be baking a berry pie today.  Pie is soooo yummy.  I am eagerly anticipating licking spoons.

My boys today will be bonding with their Dad doing guy stuff.  The girls and I will be making paper Nativities and Thanksgiving pop-up cards.  Or should I say, trying to make Thanksgiving pop-up cards.

Before I leave I want to link to a really neat Momys blog.  She shared a really easy recipe for French bread that I made last night.  It was really easy and was really good.  Enjoy her blog too 🙂